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find your focus & strength by unwinding

in the microcosm

The neologism ‘re-L-accelerate’ combines the words ‘relax’ and ’accelerate’ - as an invitation.

Let me invite you to approach acceleration as a beneficial driving force - in a relaxed, healthy way.

I frequently dive into the close observation on small details in my environment and surroundings - only to find many amazing micro-worlds around us. This gives me new perspectives, fascination, understanding, inspiration,appreciation and joy. These are universal values.

Using early 19th century photogram methods in combination with today’s high resolution scanning, I am unfolding hidden microcosms. The journey begins. Join me!

By focussing on something, which carries away our mind from its usual topics - even if it is only for a short moment - we can unwind, we calm down, we get subconsciously inspired and
most importantly we can recharge.

I wish these kind of moments for the observer of my art.

Below you find impressions of the exhibited pieces. To see the art pieces in full and in detail I welcome you to the show.

FOR A VIRTUAL EXHIBITION CATALOGUE, please send your enquiry to

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copyright © 2009-2014  floriana meike ohldag all rights reserved

exhibiting in Brussels 3.11.>19.12.’14